Your Stories

Your Stories

I’m not the most patient of people anyway (probably a big contributor to my addiction!) and I get increasingly frustrated at the speed, or lack thereof, which the government fail to take any significant action on the lack of regulation of the industry.

At the last GRASP meeting I stated that whilst we continue to strive to influence change in the excellent way GRASP and other organisations/ campaigns do, maybe…and it is a maybe…it would be more ‘powerful’ and louder a voice if we could try to encourage more people to come forward to tell of their, in many cases, horrific story.

If we could get a groundswell of people having the courage to come out and say…yes, this is a massive issue and here’s how it affected me and my mental well-being, my innocent family and loved ones and how often the hardest part isn’t necessarily overcoming the addiction but actually rebuilding your life, handling the huge debt, regaining peoples trust and respect, regaining some self-esteem….need I go on!?

So below are the real life stories of people who have had the courage to come forward. If you would like to contribute your own story please message me through my site and I will provide you with my email address. All stories need to try and be kept to a maximum of 500 words and most important please remember to try and include one tip that helps you on your recovery.

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed and, as you will see below, you can write them completely anonymously. You have my absolute word I will never be putting names to any unless asked to do so.