our version of events

Our Version of Events

This one’s to any gambling addict who may have landed here, even if only one visits this damned site.

Theres a song by Emeli Sande called ‘Read All About It” Part III.

I had heard this before but a few weeks ago it took on a whole new meaning and I managed to summon up the strength to face the world. I had so much self-doubt so many times about doing this, leaving myself as wide open as this. Scared shitless but this resonated with me on more than one occasion.

“It’s about time we got some airplay of our version of events”

As GRASP rightly state – “For too long the industry has relied on the fact that an addict will go quietly in shame, or be bailed out by family, due to how society perceives the addiction. That they will not share their story and thus the problem isn’t recognised”.

Gambling addiction is a lonely, desolate, destructive existence sadly underestimated in today’s society. Pick yourself up, believe in yourself, take one day at a time and get help. Two weeks ago I was on my knees, gone AWOL again, no job, no car and reported missing with the police. I had £5, a mountain of debt, a trail of destruction blazing behind me and nowhere to live. After this Saturday I still have nowhere to live and no job. Somehow I need to put my life back on track for my boys.

Now comes the biggest challenge. I have to get on with the ‘doing’. No hiding place for me now, that’s why I did this. Otherwise I don’t think I’ll beat it.

I am a gambling addict. It’s what I’ve become. And, as many of the people whose lives have been affected by my selfish ways will vouch for, its time I stopped being such an arsehole and come to my senses.