My Debts

My Debts

If I proclaim to be open and transparent then I have to stick to that.

Listed below are all my personal debts and, what I term, Institutional Debts – Companies/Bailiffs chasing me for money. This is important because I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve been compelled to gamble as a result of bailiffs continuously haranguing me, or guilt over money leant to me by friends and loved ones.

I will pay all my debts and everyone will get their money back. Thats never been in doubt. Not sure when but you will get your money back. I aim to pay back orderly and fairly. And I don’t blame the ‘Institutions’ chasing me either. I borrowed, I have to pay back. End of.

Just in case I’ve forgotten any, these are the ones I can remember, I’m sure I’ll be reminded of others and adding to them over the next 365 days.

Personal Debts

Ex wife




 and Sony Bravia TV
John H (ex-landlord)


Terry  God knows! Still counting
Simon (friend)


 and an iPhone
Jon & Susi(friends)


Paul (friend)


Web Wonders




Smithy (pub)


Pat (Friend)


Reg & Sue (friends)





‘Institutional’ Debts

Windsor & Maidenhead Council


Council Tax arrears


Housing benefit overpaid


Egg Banking (now Apex Credit Management)


HL Solicitors


Iqor Recovery Services


BPO Collections


Virgin Credit Card


Past Due Credit Solutions


Wescot Credit Services


Vanquis (now Impact Collections)


Express Finance


Natwest (Apex Credit Management)





Grand Total



Think the message is simple – try and do all you can to not get sucked into gambling if you have any compulsive tendancies or an addictive personality.